Electronic Flood Registration Form - added on 11/03/2016
The E Flood form V1.1 is now available for use. To get the best out of it, it should be used on Windows 7 or above and Microsoft Office 2010 or above. You should also be using Outlook for your Emails, Don’t worry if you are not, there are options to use it in a different way.

- The surname for the first person record in “Household” populates the subject line in the auto email function. It also names any PDF generated by the Save as PDF button.

- To use the form, you need to enable the macro’s by clicking on the button on the yellow line across the top of the form when you first open it.

- You may be asked if you want to make this a trusted document — click yes.

- Do not use the form from the email environment, drag it onto your desktop first, it will be read only otherwise.

- If the Email function does not work, try the Save as PDF, and email the PDF’s to htomlinson@ageuksouthlakeland.org.uk

- If the Save as PDF does not work on your system, save the file as “the clients surname and Email it to address above.

- If the Clear Form button doesn’t work, you can still save your completed form to your desktop using the clients surname as the file name “Save as”, then when you have done that, don’t save changes when you close the original form down and it will remain empty, so you don’t have to clear each data point.

When finding a simple offline solution that can be delivered cheaply, within a sensible cost, we have to consider there are many differing types of systems in use, plus variations on email settings and privilege’s often limit what users can do. This E Flood form is a solution for those who requested an electronic form. There are various ways you can use it.
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