Introduction to the Care Act 2014 - Fact Sheet - added on 08/04/2015
Introduction to the Care Act 2014

About this factsheet

The Care Act 2014 (‘the Care Act’) has replaced nearly all the old legislation and supporting guidance covering the care needs and rights to support of both adults with social care needs and adult informal or family carers.
Most of it comes into force in England from April 2015, but the planned new developments in paying for care will not take effect until April 2016.
This factsheet is designed to give you an overview of the Care Act 2014 and what it means for you as an older person with care needs and/or as a carer. It is an introductory summary of the new legal framework for social care. There will be more detail in Age UK’s other factsheets and we’ll refer to them in the relevant sections.
This factsheet describes the situation in England. There are significant differences in how social care for adults and carers works in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. If you want information about these nations contact the relevant national office for help — see section 13 for details.
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