South Lakes Talking Newspaper - 13/08/2014
'The South Lakes Talking Newspaper is a voluntary organisation which every week puts together extracts of
news & items of general interest from the Westmorland Gazette which are recorded & sent to listeners who are blind or visually impaired.

The system involves USB memory sticks which are simple to use in a player provided free of charge by the Association.

The memory sticks are sent out in a special wallet via the GPO's Articles For The Blind Freepost service,and are returned each week
by the listener,using the same service.

There are over 60 volunteers working on a rota basis to produce the 90 minute recording. The service is entirely free & funding is
through voluntary giving & donations.

The Talking Newspaper is highly valued by our listeners who come from all over the county and for many it is an invaluable link to their
local community.

If you would like to know more,do contact John Barker on 01539821438 or by email:
Contact nameJohn Barker
Contact tel01539821438
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