Flood Support — Why registering is vital for our future - 11/03/2016
Cumbria as we all know was devastated by the recent floods, here in the South of the County families and individuals are dealing with major disruptions to their lives and are set to be dealing with them for many more months to come. There are many stories emerging from this devastation, some are about the amazing support being provided by individuals, charities and statutory services and some teach us valuable lessons for the future. It is important we do not lose sight of these lessons whilst dealing with the immediate aftermath of the devastation. We need to ensure the message is delivered very clearly that cutting money on flood defences costs far more in the long run. Once in a hundred year storms are getting far more frequent, they should be re-named as once in a decade — fingers crossed.

Age UK South Lakeland have teamed up with Sandylands Methodist Church, the British Red Cross and many others from the Gateway Group to provide much needed help and support for anyone affected by the floods in December last year.

What is the Gateway Group?
The Gateway Group is a collaborative of over 30 organisations from Charities, Health and the Public sector, working together to coordinate their efforts and make the best use of limited resources. By creating a standard Flood Support Registration form and being able refer clients to one another securely; each organisation is able to offer the same comprehensive support to each individual.

Why you should register
When you fill out the Flood Support Registration form with one of the Gateway Group you will be helped to access grants, supported to fill out forms, housing advice and accessing any other support you or your family may need.

Pam Lewis, Partner Relations and New Services Development Manager at Age UK South Lakeland, said “It is vitally important that we capture the number of people and number of homes affected by the floods accurately. Alongside the towns many outlying villages were badly affected and reporting the correct information is paramount. I would like to urge everyone whose homes were affected to complete a Flood Registration Form, irrespective of whether they required help and support.”

Even if you don’t need our help now, it is important to register as the data we collect will help determine the exact scale of this disaster and aid any future preventative measures.

How you can register
The Gateway Group have re-tasked the Age UK mobile Shop as the Mobile Support Unit (MSU), you may have seen it out and about in local communities and other key areas offering registration and support for those who need it.

The mobile Support Unit (MSU) will be calling at:
- Ambleside, Kings Street, 10am-4pm on the 16th of March
- Grasmere, 10am-4pm on the 23rd of March
- Windermere, Library car park, 10am-4pm on the 30th of March
- Backbarrow, April
- Staveley, April
- Troutbeck, April

You can also register by calling the flood support line on 01539 792028

or by dropping in at:
- St George’s C of E Church, Kendal - drop in cafe between 11.30am and 2.30pm Mon, Wed and Fri
- Catholic Church Kendal - drop-in cafe between 3.45am and 6.30pm Tues and Thurs
- Sandylands Church Encouragement Cabin between 10am and 4pm Mon to Fri
- Flood Relief Centre in Westmorland Shopping Centre between 10am and 4pm Wed to Sat
- Age UK South Lakeland, 17 Finkle St between 9.30 and 4.30, Mon to Fri

attending one of the following flood forums:

Kendal Kendal Town Hall 14th March 2.30pm - 8pm
Ambleside The Kelsick Hall 16th March 2.pm - 6.pm
Sedbergh People's Hall 30th March 6.pm - 9.pm
Grasmere Village Hall 6th April 3.pm - 7.pm
Burneside Bryce Institute 4th May 3.pm - 7.pm
Troutbeck The Lakes School 10th May 6.pm - 9.pm
Staveley Staveley Village Hall 18th May 6.pm - 9.pm
Backbarrow Outback Hall

Or by calling in to any of the organisations in the Gateway Group. For the full list of organisations and future information about the MSU please visit our website www.ageuksl.org.uk/login.php
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